Built with decades of Cybersecurity experience

Jerry Perullo
Meet our founder, Jerry Perullo - a storied cybersecurity leader with over 25 years of experience.
Time as CISO
From 2001 until 2022 Perullo served as the Chief Information Security Officer of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) - a publicly traded company and the parent the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and other critical exchanges, clearinghouses, and financial data services subsidiaries across the world. ICE provided a unique position from which to build and operate a centralized cybersecurity function that served a wide array of unique threat profiles. During his tenure ICE moved from a 40-person private company through an IPO, organic innovation, and large-scale M&A, growing to a 10,000+ person global enterprise valued at over $75 billion dollars.
Elevating performance
With a single harmonized team, Perullo had to protect Exchanges from nation state sabotage attempts, guard hundreds of billions of dollars in margin collateral across global clearinghouses, and secure hundreds of millions of personally identifiable information records in mortgage data businesses. The methodology, approach, and skills he refined through years of iteration, trial, and error met all of these challenges successfully, while running a transparent and efficient program that provided assurance to shareholders, regulators, and business leaders.
Broad exposure
During his time at ICE/NYSE, Perullo was a prolific contributor to FS-ISAC - an industry threat sharing collaborative serving over 5000 institutions around the world. This led to 6 years as a Board Director and a term as the Chairman of the Board, working closely with CISOs and security teams across the full spectrum of financial services and global intelligence agencies across multiple governments. His work with the US government led to a Top Secret/SCI security clearance and deep understanding of the specific threats facing the public and private sectors today.
Start of Adversarial Risk Management
On retiring from ICE in 2022, Perullo set out to build an optimized platform that could deliver the same level of security vigilance and efficiency to businesses of all sizes and industries without a huge investment in time and talent. After several years of targeted consulting to refine methods and approaches to sectors outside financial services and businesses at earlier stages than public companies, Perullo launched Adversarial with a hand-picked engineering and design team to develop the precise tools, workflows, and platform that he would have loved to have across his career. The result is the Adversarial Risk Management platform - a purpose-built suite of tools and processes that is adaptive enough to deliver a full cybersecurity program or modular tools for existing teams.