Sep 13, 2022 2 min read

Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy describes the types of personal information we collect, how we use it, how we do or do not share it, and capabilities you have to direct those processes.

What We Collect

Prior to registering for service and authenticating to the platform, the information available and collected is limited to details provided by your web browser and network attributes such as IP address, user agent, any publicly-readable cookies and similar analytic information presented to any visited web site. Geo-tracking information including that derived from your IP address or supplied by your mobile device GPS functionality may also be collected for analytic purposes. Specific pages visited within the Adversarial platform, referring sites visited immediately prior to clicking a link to the Adversarial platform, and actions taken by you within the platform may be collected and stored in the form of system logs.

During registration, we establish your contact information including some or all of name, email address, postal address, and organizational affiliation. Authenticating via a third-party identify platform ("IDP" eg “sign in with Google”) will provide additional prompts from that platform about the specific information requested by When available, Adversarial may collect information on the level and type of authentication (eg multifactor) deployed for your IDP account as well.

How We Use It

Identifying information is primarily used to create and maintain a unique user record in the Adversarial platform and to provide access control to secure access to the data you submit, create, and curate while using the platform. Contact information may also be used by the Adversarial team to contact you proactively to provide support, request feedback, or solicit you for additional services provided directly by Adversarial.

Analytic data is used to evaluate user experience and site interactions for the purposes of refining design and structure of the Adversarial platform. Demographic and analytic data may also be used to inform product positioning and marketing strategy.

Sharing and Third-party Access

Adversarial does not make personally-identifiable information available to third-parties.

Age Limitations

The Adversarial platform is not available for usage by those under 16 years of age.

Your Rights

As an authenticated platform user you can disable your account at any time within the platform. This step will leave personally-identifiable information protected within the platform for logging, forensic, and contact purposes by default. If you additionally wish to explicitly purge your uniquely-identifiable information from the platform you may request that via privacy at our primary email domain.