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— Join former ICE and NYSE CISO Jerry Perullo as he explores the opportunities available to tech executives after retirement
Episode 03 - Angel Investing and Advisory Work

In this episode we are talking about Angel Investing, Advisory Work, and how they are essentially the same thing when you get down to it. Hear some details about evaluating opportunities, structuring "deals", and avoiding mistakes along the way. 00:05:37 Don’t Screw Up - Riding VC Paper, the FAST Agreement, Option Vesting,... 00:21:26 Win - Playing to your Strengths 00:24:11 Diversify - Frequency and Volume to Avoid Black Swans 00:30:17 Conflicts & Disclosure Episode 03 - Angel Investing

Episode 01 - The Portfolio Life

In this introductory episode, host Jerry Perullo talks about the range of opportunities available to tech executives after the day job. Perullo leverages his 20 years of experience as the founding CISO of ICE and the New York Stock Exchange to discuss what you can do 3-5 years before leaving your post to get prepared. 00:08:43 Advisory Work 00:13:20 Consulting 00:16:00 Angel Investing 00:25:05 Board Directorship 00:35:12 Entrepreneurship 00:37:06 Teaching 00:39:12 Volunteering Episode

The CISO's Guide to Early-Stage Investing

Below are some things I learned as a CISO making angel investments into cybersecurity startups. I’m not a professional investor or financial advisor, and I’m avoiding discussions on whether you should pursue private investing or how to pick winners. My focus in this article is on the types of investments, customs, and definitions a CISO focused on cybersecurity startups is likely to see around 2021+, and helping you understand the terms you will hear if you decide to get involved. Basics Delib