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— Join former ICE and NYSE CISO Jerry Perullo as he explores the opportunities available to tech executives after retirement
Season 3 Episode 1 - The Interim CISO

Joined by fellow Interim CISO veterans Yael Nagler of Yass Partners and Aurobindo Sundaram of RELX, host Jerry Perullo reflects on his experience as the Interim CISO of Silicon Valley Bank and explores the challenges of the role from hiring manager and candidate perspectives. Yael Nagler: Aurobindo Sundaram: 00:16:30 Why hire an Interim CISO? 00:21:00 Is there such a thing as KTLO in the CISO role? 00:30:3

An open letter to a fresh cybersecurity hire

Congratulations on your first cybersecurity job! Whether you are just entering the workforce or pivoting to a new field, here are some inside tips that may help you succeed. 1. Never say "that isn't my job". The colleagues I've seen advance and realize success in their cyber careers were willing to pitch in and help without regard to job description. This will be magnified if your employer is a smaller company, but the general idea is that companies and cultures are forged by the people who c

Vulnerability management is dead. But GRC is hiring...

I used to have a TVM team. Threat & Vulnerability Management. The individuals in there had the word "Vulnerability" in their titles. It's how a lot of shops roll. TVM seemed to become a default piece of the "build a cyber shop playbook". And if you survey big CISO organizations today, you'll still find a lot of TVM departments. I'm not sure how this came to be, but I can't think any of us ever organically decided that we needed an individual - no less a team - specifically tasked with managing