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— Join former ICE and NYSE CISO Jerry Perullo as he explores the opportunities available to tech executives after retirement
Season 3 Episode 1 - The Interim CISO

Joined by fellow Interim CISO veterans Yael Nagler of Yass Partners and Aurobindo Sundaram of RELX, host Jerry Perullo reflects on his experience as the Interim CISO of Silicon Valley Bank and explores the challenges of the role from hiring manager and candidate perspectives. Yael Nagler: Aurobindo Sundaram: 00:16:30 Why hire an Interim CISO? 00:21:00 Is there such a thing as KTLO in the CISO role? 00:30:3

Season 2 Episode 1 - Board/CISO Interaction

Returning from 6 months as the interim CISO of Silicon Valley Bank, host Jerry Perullo speaks about Board/CISO interaction on the FS-ISAC Insights podcast. Full video interview at 00:04:35 Being the Interim CISO of SVB through the crisis 00:06:36 The CISO “seat at the table” 00:14:00 Board TRIC 1: Threats 00:17:30 Board TRIC 2: Risks 00:19:30 Board TRIC 3: Incidents 00:21:20 Board TRIC 4: Compliance 00:26:00 CISOs as Board Directors Season 2 Episode 1 - Board/CISO I

Episode 07 - Bug Bounties with guest Casey Ellis

Bugcrowd founder Casey Ellis joins #lifeafterCISO to talk about bug bounty programs in the wake of the Joe Sullivan Uber trial. Whether you've been running bounty programs for years or just learned of them last week, this conversation will take you from basics straight into the most interesting and controversial bits. 01:25 The Joe Sullivan Uber trial and its impact on bug bounties 10:30 Clearing Assurance Debt: The initial wave of bounties 15:40 Ostrich Risk Management 22:55 Vulnerability D

Episode 06 - Retire Many Times with guest Sounil Yu

Sounil Yu joins the #lifeafterCISO podcast and shares the idea of "retiring many times". Sounil is the renowned author of the Cyber Defense Matrix and lauded by the CISO community for his ability to step back and view problems in a new light. Host Jerry Perullo and Sounil go on to look at the Equifax breach from a new angle, talk about CISO accountability, and finally offer up their early thoughts on the Twitter whistleblower report. 01:43 Returning to work as a CISO 10:30 Do CISOs spend too m

Episode 05 - Deciding When It's Time to Go with guest Jason Chan

An essential part of moving on from a long tech career is just figuring out when the time is right. Join host Jerry Perullo and retired Netflix CISO Jason Chan for a discussion about picking your time, "Identity Management" after retirement, and the Psychology of Happiness. Links to the material discussed by Jason Chan include: Episode 05 - Deciding When I

Episode 03 - Angel Investing and Advisory Work

In this episode we are talking about Angel Investing, Advisory Work, and how they are essentially the same thing when you get down to it. Hear some details about evaluating opportunities, structuring "deals", and avoiding mistakes along the way. 00:05:37 Don’t Screw Up - Riding VC Paper, the FAST Agreement, Option Vesting,... 00:21:26 Win - Playing to your Strengths 00:24:11 Diversify - Frequency and Volume to Avoid Black Swans 00:30:17 Conflicts & Disclosure Episode 03 - Angel Investing

Episode 02 - The CISO Board Director

In this episode, host Jerry Perullo explores the opportunities and challenges for retiring tech executives and CISOs in the Board room. Hear about how Boards need business leaders first and specialists second, and what you can do today to groom yourself in that very direction. 01:57 Background 07:45 The Traditional Board Director 09:50 Episode BLUF 10:19 Landing a Seat 14:32 Your Board Profile 16:08 t-3: What You Should do Now 28:40 Recap Episode 02 - The CISO Board Director |

Episode 01 - The Portfolio Life

In this introductory episode, host Jerry Perullo talks about the range of opportunities available to tech executives after the day job. Perullo leverages his 20 years of experience as the founding CISO of ICE and the New York Stock Exchange to discuss what you can do 3-5 years before leaving your post to get prepared. 00:08:43 Advisory Work 00:13:20 Consulting 00:16:00 Angel Investing 00:25:05 Board Directorship 00:35:12 Entrepreneurship 00:37:06 Teaching 00:39:12 Volunteering Episode